Vanilla Sky

from by Mikal Angeles



Mikal Angeles talks about the sweet taste of FAME, comparing it the orange hue of a Vanilla Sky. How the fickle fans can turn your dreams into a nightmare overnight and expresses his fear of loneliness at the top of the game.



Like Vanilla Ice
Melt inside my mouth and light outside
The sky was orange
Take me back to where
Paradise Island and Pina Coladas are...

Vanilla .... (Fall on Me , All the Cream )
Throw away ... ( All your dreams, All your Dreams)

Vanilla Vanilla
I miss her and reminisce
In the villa I'm like a zombie
Aint scared of no movie picture
I'm watching a spooky flick
Contemplating a porno - Horny !
If I was a cancer patient
I'd bum a lucy up off ya
It wasn't always this crazy
Believe me I had Vanilla
Cocoa butter I loved her
Banana fatty I feel her
Little embarrassed lil homie she left me lonely
Was screaming til she was Horse
Then said " No, I ain't riding no Pony "
At first you be all in heaven
You flying with angel wings
And they finally recognizing
The clouds are your trampolines
But it's trouble in Paradise
The world is colder they told you
They say the sky is the limit
Don't drown in a creamy pool of Vanilla!



from Vanilla Sky, released May 17, 2013




Mikal Angeles Los Angeles, California

Mikal Angeles, LA recording artist and painter released his debut studio album Vanilla Sky after the instant viral success of creative visual for the moody single "WHITE"!

Now the painter/designer behind hipster brand "THE NEW BATCH", launches new hand-painted fashion T-shirts inspired by Fashion and Hip Hop Icon Lil'Kim !
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