from by Mikal Angeles



A True Story of the Lopsided Lovers!


Verse 1:

This whole love affair
It aint nothing nice
Koalas in the garden
This aint paradise
Let me get some sunlight
Or keep me in the shade
We never kiss in public
You act like you're ashamed
Open up the door (Shhh)
Hear her coming down
Probably cuz she heard the way my stomach growl
She said she love me long time
Held me for a while
I'm hungry for some more now


Sounds like a fairytale
But that aint the case
Prince charming in your bedroom
Monsters in your basement
Can you keep a secret ?
Keep concealing it
Creepy Creep we Creep like Gremlins ...


You made me become a
Gremlin under the stairs

Guess that makes me
Your little Gremlin under the stairs
You should be scared of

Verse 2 :

Heard her getting wet
That bastards in her draws
I'm going through withdrawals
I'm scratching the walls
If I'm her guilty pleasure
Time for desperate measures
Happy that we met
Seems like I'm her perfect pet
Twinkle in her eyes ...
I won't be surprised if she throw some Goblins down here
Should I just escape
Cuz it's cold up in the cage
and I'm tired of being chained
In this Gremlin in a cage game !!!


(( Chorus ))

Fairy tales in my dreams
I'm Prince Charming
But I'm in your basement
Tell me a secret
I wont tell no one
Gremlin under the stairs of you


from Vanilla Sky, track released January 11, 2013




Mikal Angeles Los Angeles, California

Mikal Angeles, LA recording artist and painter released his debut studio album Vanilla Sky after the instant viral success of creative visual for the moody single "WHITE"!

Now the painter/designer behind hipster brand "THE NEW BATCH", launches new hand-painted fashion T-shirts inspired by Fashion and Hip Hop Icon Lil'Kim !
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