from by Mikal Angeles



I was lost and found
But I'm running from you now
But I'm going too slow
Cuz I'm going in circles
When you broke his wings
And you stole his dreams
Tell him what you want
If it isn't me
Just kiss my mouth
And you're gonna cheer him up
Cupid's sleeping right now
Toss Turning in circles
Its hard to sleep
Heart still bleeds
Tell me what I want
Tell me you love me


A Baby flew into my room
Landed in my arms
His eyes were full of water
He said I'm sorry for the news
Then hopped off of my lap
And crawled into a corner

I knew she wasn't coming back when I saw that
Cupid Cried ...
An angel fell down
This is how it sounds

When Cupid cries

Heard em ask you why
You didn't give an answer No
Even one wing flies
But it's Flying in circles
Tell me what you think
When you think of me
Am I what you want
Say that you love me

((Repeat Bridge))

((Repeat Chorus))


from Vanilla Sky, released May 17, 2013




Mikal Angeles Los Angeles, California

Mikal Angeles, LA recording artist and painter released his debut studio album Vanilla Sky after the instant viral success of creative visual for the moody single "WHITE"!

Now the painter/designer behind hipster brand "THE NEW BATCH", launches new hand-painted fashion T-shirts inspired by Fashion and Hip Hop Icon Lil'Kim !
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