Vanilla Sky

by Mikal Angeles

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“Vanilla Sky" is an album that thrives off of playing with your mind. I made the album, visually and story-wise, to reveal more and more the closer you listen to it. As deep as you want to go with it, I wanted the music to meet you there.” Mikal Angeles

Vanilla Sky tells a story about a narcissistic man struggling with figuring out what makes him happy. He loses his number one weapon, his vanity, and is forced to reflect inside. Some evidence of bipolar disorder come to mind as the listener is introduced to 2 versions of Mikal’s subconscious. While 1 Mikal represents a less confident, ego-less version of his personality, the other is the cocky persona that lacks empathy.The ultimate result is an extended dreamlike sonic experience, behold Vanilla Sky.


released May 17, 2013

Producer Ge Oh Works - Chef Music Studios
Photographer Albert Sanchez




Mikal Angeles Los Angeles, California

Mikal Angeles, LA recording artist and painter released his debut studio album Vanilla Sky after the instant viral success of creative visual for the moody single "WHITE"!

Now the painter/designer behind hipster brand "THE NEW BATCH", launches new hand-painted fashion T-shirts inspired by Fashion and Hip Hop Icon Lil'Kim !
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Track Name: Unicorn
Met her under Cherry Moon

She was pretty as a cartoon

I didnt have my crown on

She aint know I was a king

Got down one knee

No diamond and a ring

Tell me what you wanna do
She said ...

Ride on your Unicorn

Take a ride on your Unicorn

If you don't wanna live in living color

Ill save you from reality

Ride on my Unicorn

Take a ride on my Unicorn

If you don't wanna live in living color

Ill save you from reality
Track Name: Paranoid
Who the fuck do think you
Think you are to say
Im Paranoid .... Paranoid !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: White
I want her and I need what I want

You smell like a rose in a garden

we are two pees in a pod

when she down bet she better pick up when i call her

tell me what I need with a dime
when I got a whole lot of quarters
Prada on the knees on the spine
Im the movie -the beginning and the end ... Im a Spoiler!

I want her and I need what I want
I want her and I need what I want
I want her and I need what I need
I want her and I need what I want

Im a need 3 in the moment
Prolly round 3 in the morning
I wont put her down til she moaning
...and I put that on California
...and I put that on California

I aint got weed in a blunt

still got her floating in the galaxy

We dont need weed nooo

Just a can of Red Bull and a Saturday

Going Going Gooing

She loves when I keep going like a Battery

I want her and I need what I want
I want her and I need what I want
I want her and I need what I need
I want her and I need what I want

Im a need 3 in the moment
Prolly round 3 in the morning
I wont put her down til she moaning
...and I put that on California
...and I put that on California


Repeat Chorus...
Track Name: Magic
Dont Get Fucked Up x7

Micky Mikal mashed a magic microphone when he was macking
Where's that magic microphone Mick Mikey mashed when he was macking?
Track Name: Gremlin
Verse 1:

This whole love affair
It aint nothing nice
Koalas in the garden
This aint paradise
Let me get some sunlight
Or keep me in the shade
We never kiss in public
You act like you're ashamed
Open up the door (Shhh)
Hear her coming down
Probably cuz she heard the way my stomach growl
She said she love me long time
Held me for a while
I'm hungry for some more now


Sounds like a fairytale
But that aint the case
Prince charming in your bedroom
Monsters in your basement
Can you keep a secret ?
Keep concealing it
Creepy Creep we Creep like Gremlins ...


You made me become a
Gremlin under the stairs

Guess that makes me
Your little Gremlin under the stairs
You should be scared of

Verse 2 :

Heard her getting wet
That bastards in her draws
I'm going through withdrawals
I'm scratching the walls
If I'm her guilty pleasure
Time for desperate measures
Happy that we met
Seems like I'm her perfect pet
Twinkle in her eyes ...
I won't be surprised if she throw some Goblins down here
Should I just escape
Cuz it's cold up in the cage
and I'm tired of being chained
In this Gremlin in a cage game !!!


(( Chorus ))

Fairy tales in my dreams
I'm Prince Charming
But I'm in your basement
Tell me a secret
I wont tell no one
Gremlin under the stairs of you
Track Name: Higher than Hell
I'm aint going down

I'm higher than Hell, higher than Hell

and I wont

Tell you how

I'm higher than Hell, Higher than Hell


Had a nightmare

of me falling down

I was falling down

I don't want to fall down, no, Lets get higher !!!!!
Track Name: Clouds
Kids :

You so want my mind
Trick my time
Then I turn around
and you're on your own
Without With Without a care
At home At home
How hard do you make it GO!
Track Name: Cupid
I was lost and found
But I'm running from you now
But I'm going too slow
Cuz I'm going in circles
When you broke his wings
And you stole his dreams
Tell him what you want
If it isn't me
Just kiss my mouth
And you're gonna cheer him up
Cupid's sleeping right now
Toss Turning in circles
Its hard to sleep
Heart still bleeds
Tell me what I want
Tell me you love me


A Baby flew into my room
Landed in my arms
His eyes were full of water
He said I'm sorry for the news
Then hopped off of my lap
And crawled into a corner

I knew she wasn't coming back when I saw that
Cupid Cried ...
An angel fell down
This is how it sounds

When Cupid cries

Heard em ask you why
You didn't give an answer No
Even one wing flies
But it's Flying in circles
Tell me what you think
When you think of me
Am I what you want
Say that you love me

((Repeat Bridge))

((Repeat Chorus))
Track Name: Vanilla Sky

Like Vanilla Ice
Melt inside my mouth and light outside
The sky was orange
Take me back to where
Paradise Island and Pina Coladas are...

Vanilla .... (Fall on Me , All the Cream )
Throw away ... ( All your dreams, All your Dreams)

Vanilla Vanilla
I miss her and reminisce
In the villa I'm like a zombie
Aint scared of no movie picture
I'm watching a spooky flick
Contemplating a porno - Horny !
If I was a cancer patient
I'd bum a lucy up off ya
It wasn't always this crazy
Believe me I had Vanilla
Cocoa butter I loved her
Banana fatty I feel her
Little embarrassed lil homie she left me lonely
Was screaming til she was Horse
Then said " No, I ain't riding no Pony "
At first you be all in heaven
You flying with angel wings
And they finally recognizing
The clouds are your trampolines
But it's trouble in Paradise
The world is colder they told you
They say the sky is the limit
Don't drown in a creamy pool of Vanilla!